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Harvest Peace Retreat

Harvest Peace Retreat


Peace Goddesses,

We live in a society where everything is always moving so fast including us. It can be difficult to find ourselves in this rapid pace that society moves in.

Trying to balance work, relationships and parenting can be so draining! This can lead to burnouts, frustration, lack of creativity, anxiety and depression.

It is important that we make time to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of the life that we are creating for ourselves.

Taking a break and resting gives us an opportunity to see where we are currently and to allow us the space to dream up and manifest what we want to have in our futures. What we do today creates our tomorrow.

In keeping with the mission of illuminating your path to Peace, Truth and Balance…

I am pleased to announce our next retreat will be September 9-11 at a private location in Durham, NC.

During this retreat we will focus on reclaiming and maintaining our peace. We will be balancing our mind, body and spirit through sacred healing practices and rituals.

Learn how to incorporate more self care and self love into your daily routine and lives.

Allow yourself to become open to fully receive same energy you consistently give to others, but may be neglecting for yourself.

Becoming more balanced is an art and this retreat will allow you the space and time to indulge in learning these techniques.

By taking this time out for self, you will gain the ability to think more outside the box, be more creative, make decisions from a more grounded frame of mind, incorporate the tools and modalities to begin shifting your life forward in the direction of your dreams.

What to expect:



~Manifesting Workshop w/ Omo Richbook

~Full Body Massage

~Spa Facials w/ Nika’s Naturals

~Vegan Meals + 4 course formal dinner on Saturday night

~Create your own Waistbeads

~Reiki Energy Healing


and more

Bring yourself and your Bestie and enjoy a weekend dedicated to healing, rejuvenation, tranquility and peace.

Limited space available!! Please book your spot by 9/1/22

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